Wettbewerbe und Begabtenförderung

English Reading Competition 2024

Lennard Strohal (7d), Samuel Correns (7a), Merle Zürcher (7c) and Eva Burkard (7b)

On April 10th 2024, the best readers from classes 7a to 7d met to showcase their talents to a selected group of student judges and three teachers. Our language assistant from the USA, Caitlin Roberson, joined the team of judges, deeply impressed by the authentic and confident performances of our four students: Samuel Correns (7a), Eva Burkard (7b), Merle Zürcher (7c), and Lennard Strohal (7d). While all participants showed great talent in reading a familiar text as well as an unknown excerpt taken from the book "A present to remember" by Carolyn Jones, Samuel Correns (7a) excelled in all categories, holding a narrow lead over Merle Zürcher (7c). Congratulations, Samuel, on this brilliant performance! Awarded with English books and shortbread, all four of our readers can be proud of their confidence and excellent reading skills!

Margot Kronast, Christina Kowatsch and Caitlin Roberson